Keep it fresh!

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You can get your hair done and pull out that jaw-dropper dress, but if your breath isn’t fresh, this date is doomed. The babysitter didn’t cancel for once, and you two rarely get out of the house these days, so make it count. Fix the bad breath and get closer.


Bad breath isn’t just a mood killer, it’s a medical condition called halitosis. That’s a pretty fancy word for a condition with a relatively simple cause. Decomposing food particles, dry mouth and respiratory tract infections all lend a hand in bacteria buildup underneath your gum line. Those bacteria release small amounts of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan gas which you then exhale. Yuck.


Sure, smoking a cigarette while eating a tuna sandwich isn’t going to improve the situation, but at the end of the day it’s less about what you eat and more about your dental care routine. And while everyone experiences less-than-pleasant breath from time to time, left untreated, the bacterial culprits behind bad breath can lead to an ongoing breath problem and serious gum disease.


Luckily, the cure for halitosis is just as simple as the cause. But make no mistake- even if you’ve mastered the art of flossing, your standard dental routine may not cut it. Along with thorough flossing and rinse products, nothing busts up the bacterial party in your mouth like a sonic toothbrush. The vibration speed of a sonic toothbrush harnesses the power of fluid dynamics to break up colonies of bacteria in your mouth that you can’t reach. That’s getting bang for your buck while brushing.


So there we have it, lovebirds. Enjoy your date. The babysitter doesn’t have to go home for another hour, so snuggle up bad breath free.

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