Healthy mouth - healthy heart!

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As kids, the aim of oral hygiene is simple- do just enough to avoid the dreaded cavity. But as we get older and add new skills to our repertoire, we focus on gum health and keeping our smiles pearly white. It may be time to broaden your reasons for brushing yet again, because oral care can pay big dividends to your overall health.

Halitosis, the confidence killer. Halitosis is a fancy name for bad breath. Not the bad breath that comes from eating a Greek salad, but chronic odor produced by decomposing particles you miss with your regular toothbrush. It’s a leading cause of people seeking dental care, but it’s easily preventable with the right gear. 

Healthy mouth = healthy heart. Theories propose that oral bacteria can get into your bloodstream and increase the body’s inflammatory response to cardiovascular conditions. Researchers are still trying to pinpoint where the relationship lies, but heart disease is a leading killer of men and women in the U.S. Get brushing! 

Dental hygiene, a win for diabetics. Diabetics go round and round with oral hygiene. Elevated blood-sugar levels make it more difficult to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, and subsequent oral infections can make it more difficult to control blood-sugar. That cycle makes elite-level oral care a must for diabetics.

Oral health may keep expectant mothers on track. Periodontitis (a gum infection you want no part of) causes tooth loss and a litany of other issues, but it’s also been linked to pre-term deliveries. Expecting moms have so much to fret over- worrying whether or not their toothbrush gets the job done shouldn’t be on the list.

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