SlimSonic Replacement Brushes - 2 Pack
$ 15.00

Product Description

Designed especially for the Dazzlepro SlimSonic Toothbrush, these toothbrush heads gently polish teeth while removing plaque more effectively than standard toothbrush heads. The soft bristles and compact brush heads are designed to effectively cover the tooth's surf, especially in hard to reach places. The Dazzlepro SlimSonic Toothbrush Heads attach easily for cleaning in between brushing. For best results, a new brush head is recommended every three months.

  • Ultra-soft bristles make brushing comfortable
  • Compact brush heads cover tooth surface effectively
  • Includes 2 toothbrush heads
  • Dentists recommend replacement every 3 months for optimal results

(Not compatible with Elite, Advanced or Travel Sonic Models)

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